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An Exhibition of Women Artists’ Works in Vanadzor Art Gallery

Էլ.փոստ Տպել

Ahead to Mothers’ Day “Spring melody” exhibition composed of 80 works by women artists of Vanadzor was organized in Vanadzor Art Gallery. The head of the gallery Mr. Papag Aloyan suggested that the participants should honour in silence the memory of their elder friend, painter Gevorg Arakel. Afterwards, Mr. Aloyan congratulated the artists and the attendees of the exhibition on the occasion of Mothers’ Day. “The paintings of exhibition are created with love and devotion” added Mr. Aloyan “no work of art can live without love and devotion, art is love in itself and love should live in our hearts forever.”

Author: Qristine Meliksetyan

Cameraman: Kamo Tsaturyan


Lori Region Has Great Resources for Organizing Smart Industry

Էլ.փոստ Տպել

In the conference hall of Lori Region a meeting was held between the chairmanship members of paternal goods producers union and enterprise directors in the field of industry of Lori Region. During the meeting problems that hinder and impede the development of economics especially industry were discussed. Vazgen Safaryan, head of paternal goods producers, emphasized the availability of great resources for organizing smart industry in our region. The launching of Vanadzor chemical plant was discussed as well. The head of the union asserts that solemn opening ceremonies are taking place recurrently but the factory never serves the purpose.

Author: Adrineh Mkhoyan

Camerawoman: Elena Sakanyan


Emergency Service of Lori Region to Operate in New Office

Էլ.փոստ Տպել

Lori’s new emergency service will operate in Tigran Mets Avenue, in the building of former “Geological museum of Vanadzor”. The new territory and building was provided by the Eldership Council of Vanadzor. It will be functioning as an emergency centre to provide 911 services. It’s already a month that reconstruction activities have started. During our reportage the fence surrounding the building was being painted. Inner decorations are also in the process. The new office has acquired necessary equipments from Yerevan Centre of RA Emergency Service. After some days the center will be rearmed with new ones.

Author:Kristine Meliksetyan

Cameraman: Kamo Tsatouryan


Charity Concert of “Horovel” Song and Dance Ensemble

Էլ.փոստ Տպել

Actor Karen Mkrtchyan, participant of Artsakh War, was severely beaten by unknown people on December 26, 2013. As a consequence he can hardly walk and speak now. The proper treatment will cost 80 thousand Euros and can be provided only in Germany or in Israel. Eminent actors, art workers, famous art collectives and just individuals have expressed their willingness to help the well-known actor. Remaining close to the idea, “Horovel” song and dance Ensemble organized a charity concert in Vanadzor cultural house named after Charles Aznavour. The whole profit will be donated to the fund for Karen Mkrtchyan’s treatment.

Author: Mary Vanian 

Camerawoman: Elena Sakanian 


Forests Need Protection

Էլ.փոստ Տպել

March 21 has been declared as an International Day of Forest Protection by UN in 1971. We sometimes underestimate the importance of forests, which are one of the most essential spheres of the biosphere. The preservation of our planet is directly connected with and depends on the preservation of forests. 11, 2% of Armenia’s territory is covered with forests. Special steps have been taken by different organizations for forest preservation during the last 20 years. The government has strengthened the laws and added more penalties. Deforestation and fires are perhaps the most frequent and harmful disasters to which forests are subjected and the authors of these disasters are again humans.

Author: Adrineh Mkhoyan 

Camerawoman: Elena Sakanian 



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